things and where i keep them

It is so nice to have all of my things in one spot. I think that's why packing was so hard before, every time I came home for the last four years. Now I have taken over the entire game room with all of my...junk. How can I have so many things?! And how do they all seem like things I need to bring?

I've always been one of those people who never really settles. At camp, I'd keep all my things in one little area. I never use the drawers in hotel rooms and even in my dorm rooms I'd keep everything on my half of the room. I guess I've felt like I was always living in those places temporarily. That way, when it was time to go, I always knew what was mine and where it was. Maybe it's biological or has something to do with an ancestry of hunter/gatherers that were always on the move, but I'm just not a spreader. And yet, I am really looking forward to settling in my apartment in Athens all by myself and spreading everything out, using every little space and maybe even losing track of where things are because it's not the things that are important. I think, finally, I can be okay with that.