apartment tour

Finally! Things are organized enough to give you a brief little tour of the apartment. I picked up a few things at the craft stores today and there are two things you should know about that journey. One. Georgia Athenians are abundantly reckless. They tailgate and cut you off and every single driver has this unspoken agreement that the speed limit is 15 miles faster than the sign. Will I convert? Time will tell. Two. GPSes are awesome, but I think mine is having a little trouble. Maybe it is just British lady and I need to switch back to the American voice (kidding) but somehow the "calculated" route to Jo-ann Fabrics included a jaunty "detour" in a complete circle around this neighborhood 8 miles away from the actual store...

Ok enough of what went wrong. Here's what's right! I just met two other incoming clinical students for coffee and some nice chill get-to-know-you chatting before orientation! Soo good. Ok the tour! I'm still working on decorating, so forgive the blank walls!

Dining area


Living Room


Bedroom...aka Santorini serenity

Study...aka where I will spend my time

Guest bed in the study...made that blanket in high school!

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  1. Absolutely adorable!! I LOVE it!!