church searching

Today, I was mostly a hermit. Ok, well I got up to begin my Athens church-search! In general, I am looking for a place that is relatively small and has a few active grad students. Ideally, I am hoping to find a place that only has one worship service-- I think that is wonderful for church unity. But most of all, I am looking for the place to which God calls me, where I can serve and worship Him best, whether it meets my checklist or not! :)

Church #1: Beech Haven Baptist Church
I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to do a "review" of a church service, but what I will say is that I found the message (from Haggai) to be a good challenge. The preacher emphasized that "doing things" is sometimes a distraction from simply worshiping and obeying God. We don't always need to be busy! The robed choir had a fearsome batch of sopranos, and the service was pretty full. I didn't see many college kids, but it looked like they had a connected youth group that sat in the front. So, I'll need to investigate that if I go back!

Also. I don't have a tv...some of you may know this already. :) I'm somewhat defiant and want to try living without one. However, today was really boring. And I am paying for a few basic stations anyway so...it might happen. Just sayin. In other news, I have a beast of a to do list that begins tomorrow at 8 am sharp. Orientations start on Tuesday! WOOHOO!