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Today was the graduate student orientation. It was basically like you'd expect, speakers, pamphlets, door prizes, information tables, etc. Afterward we (my cohort and I) just missed the free food since they ran out of chicken nuggets, so we went right next door to the Chikfila on campus and had a good time getting to know each other better. Also, bonus! Free ice cream sundaes. Yesss. 

Also today! Lots and lots of paperwork. And trying to figure out how to finally register for classes, and getting my ID (It was choose your own background...so I chose ugga, the ugly bulldog, because I thought it was funny), and getting keys. It's like I actually go to UGA now! Awesome. Then I ended up back at the apartment working on more paperworky kind of things. 

Some things you need to see, in this order. 
2. This parody of the music video by my friends Lindsey, Lea and Kathy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra3JJFV-q4U
3. This tweet from John Stamos (the guy in the music video) http://twitter.com/JohnStamos/status/20912196289

Turns out Lea sent the video to him and he thought it was hilarious! Such goodness. 

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