getting settled

Today I took Mom, Dad and True to the airport for their plane trip back to Texas. I can't believe it's been a week and am so thankful for all of the cleaning/shopping/moving they helped me with as I moved into my apartment! We spent a pleasant two days in Apharetta with some family friends, enjoying a delicious feast last night and fun fellowship.

Before that, we spent most of our time in Athens doing the above things. My apartment is so squeaky clean and (almost) organized! There are some great restaurants here. We tried Mama's Boy (which had excellent sweet tea and a cute vintage atmosphere), Sr. Sol (yummy salsa and Mexican tacos...no tex-mex!!), and Mirko (authentic create your own pasta dish). Mmm yes I can see that I am going to enjoy the culinary inspiration here! Speaking of, I need to make another Walmart run for groceries...

But before that, I also have to say that I got to see some friends this past week!!!

We met up with Abby in Mississippi during our drive to Athens. It was wonderful to see her and hear all about her adventures with Teach for America! Wish her luck because she starts teaching classes tomorrow!

Then Thursday, Kathy had a loooong (23 hour) plane transfer and so I met up with the Wilsons, Cari and Cari's roommate for a walk around Underground Atlanta. So nice to know that other Baylor grads are in the Georgia area! :)

Ok, so that is a basic update! :) Tuesday marks the beginning of multiple orientations and the end of abundant free time soooooo hopefully I will be able to update this often! Let me know if you'd like to be pen pals, because I love mail!!