this past weekend

...was a blast!

Friday night we celebrated Cara's birthday and Jess' masters proposal. 

It was wear-white-night so that is why everyone is matchy in the photos. 

It was lots of fun...and maybe a little outrageous! 

Saturday I was lazy and Sunday I mostly read for classes. Good times. I can't believe this is our third week (um, what??). Today after our morning class, Danielle and I hit up Five Points for some lunch and coffee and studying...soo fun! Then I nearly died laughing as my cohort all IMed (ok I guess it's not instant messenger anymore, haha, so google-chatted) each other while enduring a lecture about using internet resources.

Yes family and conscientious friends, I am admitting that I wasn't paying attention at allllllll. But at least it was fun! Just got home from copier insanity and now I am going to make some pasta and relax for a little bit. Yay.

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