tomorrow is my first day of grad school

"Hit the ground runing"...now that's a phrase I've heard a lot lately. It makes me think of parachutists or sky divers. That's what they do, right? They're big risk takers who keep in motion all the time, and after that jump into the sky they have to start moving when they see the ground. It's not just a flump and flop and happy landing and then they lay there for a while; they start moving even before they hit the ground.

I've never been a jump-out-of-a-balloon person (read: not really a sensation seeker). I make my risks culinary (hmm, this time I'll get sauce ON my ravioli, instead of on the side), fashionable (trying a different color headband), or vehicular (never cleaning the inside of my car...). High risk indeed.

Well, the balloon is here. Oops- wait...I'm IN the balloon.

It's time for the jump.

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