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Happy weekend! This morning I got up early to go to the Athens Farmer's Market with Sierra, Danielle, and Lauren. Even though it was a little drizzly, it was a really cool experience to see all the local growers proudly sharing their wares. There were samples, teas, crafts and even a band. I must have been hungry for Italian food because I bought some delicious rosemary focaccia from a local bread store, fresh basil from a family of farmers, and handmade ravioli from this friendly Italian man named Antonio. I loved it and will probably try to stop by every weekend...too bad I can't buy everything there!

I got my first assignment yesterday from my major professor while we are waiting for approval for my first year project! And we already have a reading assignment for our first class Monday, so I am doing a little bit of work this rainy afternoon. Yesterday most of the new first-years went to The Grit, a delicious vegetarian restaurant. Three of my classmates are either from Athens or went to UGA, and I am so thankful to have people to show me around! Later some of the clinical students met up for happy hour, so that was fun. When I got home, I got to skype with wonderful Waco friends including Cory, Jared, Kathy, Molly, and for a brief second Micah and Emily. I am so excited for them all to be coming back to Waco and know they are going to have a wonderful semester!! And after that craziness, I got to hear all about Jeff's dry cleaner "mystery" which was hilarious.

I have heard a lot about how busy things are about to get! I am excited for everything to start and to get a regular schedule going. This weekend has been perfect so far, and tomorrow night the first years are coming over for a mini party before we start our graduate student lives!

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