ever the optimist...

Ok, I know I am usually optimistic and whatnot so know that I am being honest when I say I am truly enjoying grad school. I just wanted to take some time to contemplate this now that I have officially been here for a month. In comparing the transition from high school to undergrad, I realized I was a lot more anxious the first time around. I think I grew a lot at Baylor, and it was absolutely amazing. As much as I love everyone there and wouldn't give up a moment of time spent in Waco, I grew comfortable. Maybe too comfortable.

I think moving to a new state has actually been one of the best things I could have done. (Sorry family and friends...I really do miss you!) This is really a chance to reassess who I am in how I project myself to other people. Not that I am redoing who I am, but having this chance to "start over" has been so meaningful even in a month. For example, I was telling Mom about how we were often challenged to participate in class discussions in great texts classes, so that was great preparation. Even so, I wasn't always confident about it there. Here, it is expected so often- any anxiety is being replaced with confidence influenced by honest-to-goodness interest. And that's what I am appreciating the most! I am so glad I had a diverse set of classes to broaden my thinking in undergrad. And now I am happy to have found a specific field that I find genuinely interesting, every day, in every context. Not everything is going to be easy, (ex: my free time was a shiny red apple and things keep taking crunchy bites) but I think as long as the passion is there, it is worth it.

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