almost on the road

First things first. Yesterday was free tea day at McAlisters! Sweet tea is my weakness. Laura came with me and my family to grab some before we watched the new season of Project Runway. PR is one of our shows. We have seen every episode ever thanks to Hulu and the magic of online videos. We have a lot of shows that we've watched like that, now that I think about it...Anyway. It was a good start to what I think will be an intriguing season, except we TOTALLY didn't agree with the judges decision.

The best part, however, was what came on afterward: On the Road with Austin & Santino. AMAZING! It's a new show based on two former PR contestants. Austin is this animated genius, equal parts Barbie and Ken. And Santino is narcissistic and yet somehow also cares deeply about his clients. Their first episode was in Weatherford, TX. I am already plotting a way to get them to design me an outfit for their show.

In other news! I cleaned my car yesterday. The inside of my car. And those of you who know me know that this has never been done. It looks amazing and I am super proud.

Other than that, things are slowly inching toward move-out day (Sunday). I won't torture you with the story of how it has been impossible to verify my immunization record but it has involved multiple faxes, phone calls, and visits to clinics...ridiculous! We (haha, I say we when I mean Dad and True...) just moved the furniture out of my room and I am taking one last dive through the boxes of old memories in my closet. Jeff gets in tonight and then tomorrow will be a joyous day of loading up the moving truck! I can't believe I am moving out of Texas in less than two days!