anti-goodbye party

This weekend I hosted an anti-goodbye party! (Anti-, because it is really "see you later.") So many wonderful friends came from Waco, Dallas, College Station, San Antonio and even Shreveport to enjoy some food and good chats.

Here are most of the people that came! I was so surprised and happy to see a bunch of high school friends that I hadn't seen in years!! It was an excellent chance to catch up with some delightful people.

At some point during the night, I took Gracie outside. I heard a joyous refrain of the happy birthday song and realized they had started singing...without me. Haha! So I ran inside and they started again and it was pretty hilarious. Later mom entertained us with some stories about the hand in the fireplace. A few friends from Waco spent the night and we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the morning.

After that, Jeff and I hung out and watched the Dr. Who finale with True. After watching the whole season I have to say I'm definitely a fan of doctor #11. He is kooky and if I were on the show I would totally trust him. We grabbed some dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Thai Box, and then he had to head back to CS. The weekend was perfect and I am going to miss everyone so very much!!