first day

Today was my first day of grad school! And it went (mostly) without problems!! I left super (35 minutes) early to avoid traffic and it was the perfect amount of time to get there, take care of a few things, and be in class on time. No lie though, Athens is considerably busier when half of the city is trying to get to UGA campus. First class was assessment, which is going to be great. It's discussion based and I am looking forward to learning more about tests and techniques. After that I went to psychology of adjustment, which I am TA-ing. I just went over the syllabus with everyone and sent them on their way! Friendly people in that class.

I have a marvelously long break until 4.30 so after grabbing lunch at home, Lauren and I drove around looking for the science library so I could pick up a book. After finally getting over there, we headed to starbucks for some quality study time (for real). And while we were there...basically a monsoon started! Ok it wasn't that bad but it sure was sudden. Both of us left our umbrellas in our offices so we had to make a run for it! It didn't help that the room for our teaching class was freezing, haha. Another thing to note: because we have offices and classes on the first floor- where the clinic also is- the clinical students dress "professionally" pretty much every day. It's actually kind of nice...I feel older and probably look like I know what I'm doing. But then when we leave the building, and everyone else is in Nike shorts and tshirts, it is a little bit strange!

Mondays are pretty long- 9 to 6.30. So I came home and made dinner and relaxed a little bit by catching up on Mad Men. (By the way...I read this awesome blog about the costuming for that show and it went through each outfit, linking it not only to the character and what was going on in her life but to the time period and implications as well...amazing!) Now it's time for a little nighttime article reading and then sleep! :)

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  1. You'd be amazing at what dress does to command authority! So excited for you! <3 <3