more of the first week

Things have been going pretty well! I am still working on trying to "train" my body to have a regular sleep cycle from 11-7 but so far I am still transitioning. Yesterday we had statistics (which I am hoping to test out of) and psychopathology (which is going to be a substantial chunk of reading and class discussion). It wasn't too stressful of a day since I didn't have anything until after lunch. I also went to the Georgia Christian Grads with Jess and signed up for a bible study Thursday night, so that should be fun! 

Today added some new classes, practicum and proseminar. Our practicum teams are 1-2 students from each year and a faculty leader. Emily and I are the first years on our team (which is child-focused). Since we are new, we won't have clients until next semester. So we'll spend this time watching our group members work with clients and discussing things together. Prosem I think is going to be very helpful- our program director basically comes to chat with us, see how we're doing and keep us on track. It's a good way to be reminded of the long term big picture and also of the details that might get lost along the way.

Sierra and I went to study at a coffee shop downtown tonight...yay productivity!! Yay interesting psychology readings! That is one of the things I really like about psychology and I think makes it unique: the amount of time and energy we spend analyzing ourselves! Humans studying humans naturally must take their own humanity into account. And that's a lot of what we are doing right now - looking at how we as scientists approach things and how we contextualize things and what we can improve on, as contributors to the field as a whole. I think this is so very important and also very relevant. Now I am just getting everything together for Thursday classes to round out the week (no classes on Friday!). 

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