It's Tuesday already?

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday. I was kind of under the impression that today was Monday, so I have no idea where Monday actually went. Things are starting to get into a regular routine this week. I moved my desk around and am going to put up some photos in my office so it will feel a little bit more like home! Other than that it's just keeping up with readings and discussions, and penciling in all of the meetings that seem to be slowly accumulating over time.

On Saturday I met up with Donna and Marv and Donna's sister and her husband for lunch, so of course we had to take a picture! After that there was a cookout for bible study, which was fun and extremely tasty. I spent my Sunday visiting First Baptist Athens (which I really enjoyed- it's got a more traditional service) and going to Earth Fare with Danielle (YAY for coupons and trading in my "unhealthy" foods for free "healthier" versions). I'm assuming I did something on Monday (class and reading probably) haha. Wish me luck for Friday, because I am giving a little lecture in my TA class about personality! I'm actually looking forward to it. :)

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