Yessss it's the weekend! I am planning on having a few adventures because basically I need to put more photos of things on here. Namely new friends and Athens in general, so you actually believe my stories on here. I checked out the pool at my apartment today and I think it's going to be nice to go there Friday late afternoon because no one was there! Well except this crazy bug that lurked on my towel and literally chased me around. But let's not talk about that.

I gave my lecture today!! It went really well. Of course the topic itself (guessing the personality of a stranger based on his/her room/music/movies) is fascinating. But everyone was attentive and we generated some great discussions.

Things are about to start revving up with all the projects and papers going on in our lab. Today we had our first weekly meeting and I was glad to finally learn everyone's names and get a feel for our group dynamics.

5 things I am loving right now:
1. My jazzy Michael Buble station on Pandora...Can we please play this stuff on the radio 24/7??
2. Phone calls with wonderful people...duh!
3. Boxes of cookies showing up in my mail....yum.
4. Meal-planning for the next week...Get excited because I have never made any of these things before!
5. How my office is magically the place where everyone comes to socialize...and I thus spent yesterday laughing so hard I cried.

So yeah, things are good. :)

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