a taste of athens

Please enjoy this adorable photo of my cohort! We are clearly very organizational people because those rows are perfection. (Back: Doug, Kendra, Lauren, Sierra; Front: Me, Danielle, Emily). This is from the potluck get together we had on Sunday night at my place before classes started. We're going to take turns at each apartment.

Classes are going great...I really do mean that. We're diving right in to concepts that I think are really interesting and deep and controversial in our field right now. I actually think my Great Texts classes at Baylor were the ideal preparation for this class- instead of reading books and getting together to discuss them, we're now reading articles and doing the same thing. Love it.

Last night I got my first real taste of Athens nightlife. Many of you have probably heard about this "#1 party school" business. Coming from Waco this is a huge difference! Downtown Athens is really fun- it has an indie Austin feel but is more small-town. There is basically something for everyone!

Almost all of the first years and a group of the second years came out. Then this morning we met for delicious brunch at Big City Bread. Yum. I am about to go meet some of my parents' friends for lunch and then later there is a bible study cookout so busy social day! :)

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